Apricot Crumble Pie So

Ingredients of apricot crumble pie so:

pricot crumble pie Recipe

For the pastry:

Flour: 200 g
Icing sugar: 90 g
Ground almonds: 25 g
Salt: 1 pinch
Butter: 100 g
Whole: egg 1

For the crumble:

Brown sugar: 70 g
Flour: 120g
Butter: 100 g
Praline & Pistachio: 50 g 50g

For the filling:

Apricots: 6
Sugar a little

Preparation method of Apricot crumble pie so:

Mix the flour, icing sugar and ground almonds. Sieve the mixture and add the butter slightly softened. Fingertips without mixing too hot butter for close to a fine powder sand. Stir in slightly beaten egg and salt. Then form a ball of dough and flatten it with the palm of the hand. Flour it and then wrap it in cling film. Place the dough in the fridge for 1 hour minimum.
Preheat oven at (180 °). Prepare pie shell and do precook blank about 20 min.
Prepare the crumble by mixing fingertips sugar, flour and butter until dough is crumbly. Add the praline and pistachio.
Cut the apricots into fairly thin slices. Arrange on pie crusts baked. Sprinkle with a little sugar and then sprinkle the crumble on top.
Bake for about 25 min. The crumble should be golden.



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