Chinese Sweet Fruit

Ingredients of Chinese Sweet Fruit:

Chinese Sweet Fruit Recipe
Apple: 400gm

Water: as required

Sugar: 125gm

Caster Sugar: 50gm

Cooking Method of Chinese Sweet Fruit:

Make 4 slices of each apple.
Put water into pan and add apple for boiling.
When it becomes soft adds caster sugar and sugar.
Refrigerate it and serve.


5 to 6.

Green Fish

Ingredients of Green fish:

Green Fish Recipe
Fish: 1/2kg
Ice berg: 6
Green coriander: 1 cup
Green color: 1 pinch
Green chili: 2
Lemon juice: 1tsp
Water: 2tbsp
Salt: 1/4tp
Ajinomoto: 1 pinch

Cooking Method of Green Fish:

Make batter of salt, lemon juice, ajinomto, green chili and green coriander color.
Rub this batter on the fish.
Fry fish in hot oil and serve with ice berg leaves.


5 people.

Soya Milk with Orange

Ingredients of Soya Milk with Orange:

Soya Milk with Orange Recipe
Orange: 4

Soya milk: 1/2liter

Cream: 1tbsp

Sugar: 50gm

Cooking Method of Soya Milk with Orange:

Extract juice of oranges.
Mix with soya milk and sugar.
Boil it for 3 minutes and add cream.
Serve it.


1to 2.

Pine Apple Moose

Ingredients of pine Apple Moose:

Pine Apple Moose Recipe
Lemon jelly: 1 packet

Cream: 300ml

Pine Apple: 400gm

Water: 4cup

Cooking Method of Pine Apple Moose:

Make jelly and freeze, when it starts to freeze add pine apple slices.
Beat cream mixture and mix with jelly.
Now freeze and serve.


2 to 3.

Almond Jelly

Ingredients of Almond Jelly:

Almond Jelly Recipe
Almond: 1cup

Milk: 1cup

Sugar: 1cup

Water: 1cup

Essence: a few drops

Gelatin: as required

Cooking Method of Almond Jelly:

Make paste of almonds, put it on the stove with water, add sugar and leave for 5 minutes.
Add gelatin and run spoon.
When becomes thicken turn off the stove and add a few drops of essence.
Now put batter into mold and refrigerate it and serve.


2 to 4.

Chinese Raita

Ingredients of Chinese raita:

Chinese Raita Recipe
Yogurt: 1/2kg
Onion: 50gm
Kudu: 250gm
Black pepper: 8
Cumin: 1/2tsp
Ajenomoto: 1tsp
Green chili: 5

Preparation Method of Chinese Raita:

Grate the kadu , crush the black peppers, chop the onion and boil water into a pan.
When water will start to boil add grated kadu into it.
Now beat the yogurt and add salt, black pepper, onion, cumin, green chilies and ajenomoto into it.
Now our Chinese raita is ready.


As you like.


Smoked Chicken

Ingredients of Smoked Chicken:

Smoked Chicken Recipe
Chicken: 1kg

Sugar: 100gm

Five spots powder: as required

Soya sauce: 20ml

Salt: as required

Onion: as required

Ginger: as required

Sesame oil: as required

Cooking Method of Smoked Chicken:

Boil the chicken.
Add soya sauce,salt,five spots powder,ginger,onion and sugar.
Cook it on medium flame until soup dry.
After above put it into a roaster and give smoke to it.
When chicken will be golden brown then brush sesame oil.


7 to 8 people

Chili Chinese Sauce

This is so tasty and simple recipe of sauce. Its ingredients are easily available at your home.

Ingredients of Chili Chinese Sauce

Chili Chinese Sauce Recipe
Red chili powder: as required

White vinegar: as required

Salt: as required

Sugar: as required

Cooking Method of Chili Chinese Sauce

First of all take red chili powder and vinegar mix them into water and add sugar and salt according to your taste.
Now sauce is ready.


1 to 2 per

Dry Shrimp

Ingredients of Dry Shrimp

Dry Shrimp Recipe
Prawns: 12

Green onion: 4

Chicken stock: 1/2cup

Garlic: 2tbsp

Soya sauce: 2tbsp

Cooking Method of Dry Shrimp

Wash all prawns and heat up oil in a pan.
Now add onion and garlic to fry.
Add chicken stock and soya sauce and mix with spoon.
After 2 minutes add all prawns and mix them with spoon.
When water will dry then cook for 2 minutes.
Now you can serve with rice.


6 to 7 people

Tandoori Gobhi

Ingredients of Tandoori Gobhi

Tandoori Gobhi Recipe
Cauliflower: 1

For Marination:

Yogurt: 3/4 cup
Cream: ¼ cup
Oil: 1tbsp
Gram flour: 2tbsp
Ginger garlic paste: 1tbsp
Black pepper powder: 1/4tsp
Red chili powder: ½ tsp
Turmeric powder:1/4tsp

Cooking Method of Tandoori Gobhi:

Boil 4 cup of water with salt and add gobhi into it.
After boiling leave it for 3 or 4 minutes and prepare its marination batter.
Mix all above marination ingredients and place the goby into it and mix into batter.
Now grill the gobhi in oven on 220 c for 15 minutes after it cut into four pieces and serve it.


5 to 6 People.