Banana Smoothie Berries

Ingredients of Banana Smoothie Berries:

Banana Smoothie Berries Recipe
Greek yogurt: 1

Frozen berries :3/4 cup

Banana : 1 frozen

Cup milk: 1/4

Cinnamon: Pinch

Oatmeal : 1/4 cup

Preparation Method of Banana Smoothie Berries:

Whisk yogurt, fruit, banana, and milk in a blender at high speed for 30 seconds. Add oats and cinnamon if you want and beat 1 minute at high speed. If shake is thick, add milk and if it is too liquid add ice.
This smoothie is really good and has a lot of nutritional benefits. The berries are full of antioxidants, and oat bran is a cheap ingredient that fights several cancers and also gives us the feeling of fullness that helps us lose weight.


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