Beef Skewers and Marinade

Beef Skewers and Marinade really a healthy and fabulous recipe. When we talk about barbecue we like such types of recipe.

Ingredients of Beef Skewers:

Beef skewers Recipe
Skewers: 6

Beef : 460gm

Red bell pepper: 1/2

Green pepper: 1/2

Fresh mushrooms: 3

Cherry tomatoes: 4

The marinade:

Olive oil: 3tbsp

Chili powder : 1/2

Salt and pepper as required

Preparation of Beef Skewers:

First of all we cut meat into cubes.
Wash and seed the peppers and cut into square. Cut the mushrooms into chunks after washing.
Thread on the skewers, alternating meat and vegetables.
In a bowl, combine oil, herbs, salt, and pepper.
Ask all the skewers in a dish and brush with the marinade.
Cook on the grill, basting with marinade, if you rest a little.


3-4 People.

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