Beef Tagine

Ingredients of Beef Tagine:

Beef Tagine Recipe
Beef (collar, chuck, shoulder …): 1.6 kg
Beautiful onions: 6
Dried apricots: 250 g
Blanched almonds: 150 g
Lemons cut: 50 g
Raisins (to swell in water): 50 g
Razzel Han out: 1 tablespoons
Coffee olive oil: 3 c.
Salt, pepper

Preparation method of Beef Tagine:

The night before, mix spices, oil, salt and roll in the preparation of meat cut into pieces. Put a plastic wrap and leave in the refrigerator 12 hours.
Cut the onions into strips. In a cast iron pan or tagine, lay the onions in the background. Arrange the pieces of meat. Add the lemons and apricots. Cover with water, bring to boil and simmer for 3 hours 5 oven (150 ° C). A quarter of an hour from the end, add the almonds.


4-5 people.

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