Bongo Soup

Ingredients of Bongo Soup:

Bongo Soup Recipe
Chicken: 1/2cup (shredded form)
Milk: 1cup
Cream: 1/2cup
Water: 2cup
Peas: 3cup
Corn flour: 1tsp
Butter: 1tbsp
Ajinomoto: 1pinch
Dill: 3 dots
Black pepper: 1/4tsp
Salt: 1/2tsp

Cooking Method of Bongo Soup:

Melt butter and add corn flour and peas.
Also add black pepper, dill, Ajinomoto, water and salt and leave for cooking.
After a few minute add milk.
Now dish out soup and beat cream and pour on it and serve.


6 to 7.

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