Caipirinha Passion Fruit

Caipirinha Passion Fruit

Ingredients of Caipirinha Passion Fruit:

Passion Fruit Caipirinha Recipe
Lime: 1

Passion fruit juice

White sugar: as required

Coarse brown sugar (sugar in the raw) to decorate the glasses

Method of Caipirinha Passion Fruit:

Cut the lime into 8 pieces. Dip the rim of each glass with lime and top with brown sugar.
Add half a lime (4 pieces) per cup. Cover the pieces with white sugar
In a mortar, crush enough limes and sugar, until all remaining juice squeezed. Add about 4 ice cubes per cut. Add about 2 fingers of alcohol (add more or less to taste)
Fill the rest of the glass with passion fruit juice. Mix well (with a shaker if you have one).
Enjoy your Passion Fruit Caipirinha.


2-3 People.

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