Cake with Honey and Cinnamon

Ingredients of Cake with Honey and Cinnamon:

Cake with Honey Recipe
Sugar: 200 g

Butter: 220 g

Flour: 180 g

Yeast: 0.5 bag

Almond powder: 125 g

Egg: 4

Liquid honey : 1 c. soup

Cinnamon: 2 c. coffee

Salt: 1 pinch

Preparation of Cake with honey and cinnamon:

Preheat oven th.5 / 6 (160 ° C).
Melt the butter. Grease a cake tin with a brush.
Separate egg whites from yolks. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar until the mixture whitens.
Add the warm melted butter, ground almonds, flour, yeast, honey and cinnamon and mix well.
Beat the egg whites with salt until stiff and fold them gently into the preparation.
Pour the batter into the pan and bake for 50 min.
Turn out onto a wire rack and let cool.
Very tasty Cake with honey and cinnamon is ready.


3-4 People.

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