Chocolate Pie and Banana

Ingredients of Chocolate Pie and Banana:

Chocolate Pie and Banana Recipe
Pastry: 1

Dark chocolate (120 g): 1 bar

Cream (20 cl): 1 small brick

Bananas: 2

Preparation method of Chocolate Pie and Banana:

Preheat the oven gas mark 6 (180 ° C).
Unroll the pastry in a pie dish and cook it in white (with beans to prevent it from rising) in the oven for 20 min.
Once cooked, cut the chocolate into small pieces and melt it with cream.
Cut bananas into slices fairly thin; spread them on the bottom of the pie maintaining 4 or 5 slices.
Cover it with melted chocolate and banana slices for decoration.
Refrigerate several hours and serve fresh.


1-2 people.

Chocolate Tart Express

Ingredients of Chocolate Tart Express:

Chocolate Tart Express Recipe
Pastry: 1

Liquid cream: 20 cl

Chocolate: 200 g

Egg: 3

Preparation method of Chocolate Tart Express:

Preheat the oven gas mark 6 (180 ° C).
Boil the cream.
Break the chocolate into pieces and melt them in the cream, let cool slightly, then add the eggs.
Spread the dough in a dish and bake for 20 min.


1-2 people.

Lemon Pie

Ingredients of Lemon pie:

Lemon Pie Recipe

For the sweet pastry:

Flour: 200 g
Salt: 1 pinch
Icing sugar: 100 g
Butter: 80 g
Egg: 1

For the filling:

Lemons (juice 15cl zest and 3): 4
Cane sugar: 125 g
Corn flour curved: 1 c. tbsp.
Butter: 50 g
Eggs: 3

Preparation Method of Lemon pie:

For the dough:
In a bowl, pour the flour, salt and sugar, add the butter cut into pieces. Work all at your fingertips and add the egg. Knead until a ball of dough. Use it now or reserve in the refrigerator at least 2 hours if it does not spread properly.
Preheat oven Th 7 (210 ° C).
Roll out dough between two sheets of lightly floured waxed paper with a roller. Roll the dough to 3 mm thick and go for a circle pie. Prick the dough, cover the bottom with parchment paper and fill with baking beads.
Bake in white: 10 minutes at 210 ° C, 5 minutes at 180 ° C. Remove the balls cooking TICK it and continue about 5/10 minutes. Let dry on a rack.
For the filling:
Squeeze the lemons for juice and zest 15cl 3 lemons.
Mix the zest with cane sugar, add eggs and whisk to blanch. Stir in cornstarch. Bring the juice to boiling and add juice to the mixture while whisking. Put everything in the pot and let it thicken over low heat for about 3 minutes, stirring. Stop cooking. When the temperature is lowered, add the butter, cut into pieces, it is best to use a blender not to incorporate air bubbles and to obtain a perfectly homogeneous mixture.
Fill to the brim tart with apparatus, smooth.
Let cool and reserve in the refrigerator.


1-2 people.

Peach Liqueur Cake

Ingredients of Peach Liqueur Cake:

Peach Liqueur Cake Recipe
Orange juice: 1 cup
Flan On: 1 large
Custard: 1 pack
Yeast: 1
Eggs: 3
Cake flour: 4 cups
Sugar: 3 cups
Sunflower oil: 1 cup

Preparation method of Peach Liqueur Cake:

In a bowl, beat the egg whites until stiff, and we incorporate 3 cups sugar while beating, add 1 cup orange juice, 1 Custard, 3 egg yolks, 1 on large flan, 1 sunflower oil vessel and finally, one yeast mix with 4 cups cake flour, sift and add to the above mixture.
Once mixed together, we spread a mold with butter and flour and incorporate the mixture.
We put the mixture in the oven at 170 degrees, 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the type of oven you have. Remove from the oven and allowed to cool.


4-5 People

Chocolate Cake and Cherries

Ingredients of Chocolate Cake and Cherries:

Chocolate Cake recipe
Short crust pastry: 300g
Egg white: 1
Cherry compote
Cherries: 500 g
Caster sugar: 120 g
Water: 10 cl
Chocolate rich in cocoa: 200 g
Liquid cream: 25 cl
Butter: 20 g
Coffee bitter cocoa: 1 c.

Preparation method of Chocolate Cake and Cherries:

Wash, pit and remove the stalks and cherries. Cook in a pan for about 20 minutes with powdered sugar and water. Mix by shaking the pan occasionally, until the liquid becomes syrupy. Then let cool completely.
Preheat oven to 210 ° (Th 7).
Flatten the pastry roll on a sheet of parchment paper to a thickness of 3 mm, and decorate a cake tin 26 cm in diameter (paper + pulp).
Prick dough with a fork and cover with parchment paper. Bake at halfway and bake blind for 20 minutes.
Remove from oven, remove the baking paper and chill the pastry on a grid. Whisk the egg white lightly and brush the pastry. Allow to dry.
Melt the chocolate with the butter over low heat in a bain-marie. Meanwhile, boil the cream. Add the boiling cream chocolate and stir briskly to get a smooth mixture.
Spread the cherry compote on the bottom of the pie dripping a little if necessary. Pour the chocolate cream over the surface smoothing.
Let stand for 2 hours in the fridge.
When ready to serve, sprinkle the tart bitter cocoa.


3-4 people.

Cream Apricot Tart

Ingredients of Cream Apricot Tart:

Cream Apricot Tart Recipe
Puff pastry: 1 roll
Egg: 1
Butter: 100g
Powdered sugar: 70g
Ground almonds: 70g
Heavy cream: 100g
Corn flour coffee: 1 tsp.
Apricots (ripe): 12
Rosemary: 1 sprig
Granulated sugar: 1 tbsp.

Preparation method of Cream Apricot Tart:

Preheat oven thermostat 7 (210 °).
Butter a pie. Garnish with the pastry and prick the bottom with a fork. Book fees.
Put the butter in pieces, sugar, almond powder, cornstarch, whole egg and cream in the bowl of a mixer. Rotate until a smooth cream.
Open the apricots in half, remove the pits.
Spread the almond cream into the pie shell. Place the apricots on top, rounded side underneath. Press them lightly into the cream.
Sprinkle with granulated sugar and sprinkle with rosemary leaves.
Bake for 20 min.
Remove tart from oven and let cool.
Turn out and serve with vanilla ice cream.


1-2 people.

Apricot Crumble Pie So

Ingredients of apricot crumble pie so:

pricot crumble pie Recipe

For the pastry:

Flour: 200 g
Icing sugar: 90 g
Ground almonds: 25 g
Salt: 1 pinch
Butter: 100 g
Whole: egg 1

For the crumble:

Brown sugar: 70 g
Flour: 120g
Butter: 100 g
Praline & Pistachio: 50 g 50g

For the filling:

Apricots: 6
Sugar a little

Preparation method of Apricot crumble pie so:

Mix the flour, icing sugar and ground almonds. Sieve the mixture and add the butter slightly softened. Fingertips without mixing too hot butter for close to a fine powder sand. Stir in slightly beaten egg and salt. Then form a ball of dough and flatten it with the palm of the hand. Flour it and then wrap it in cling film. Place the dough in the fridge for 1 hour minimum.
Preheat oven at (180 °). Prepare pie shell and do precook blank about 20 min.
Prepare the crumble by mixing fingertips sugar, flour and butter until dough is crumbly. Add the praline and pistachio.
Cut the apricots into fairly thin slices. Arrange on pie crusts baked. Sprinkle with a little sugar and then sprinkle the crumble on top.
Bake for about 25 min. The crumble should be golden.



Alsatian Tart

Ingredients Of Alsatian Tart:

Alsatian Tart Recipe
Apples “golden”: 1.5 kg
Pastry: 250 g
Raisins blond: 150 g
Powdered sugar: 150 g
Eggs: 3
Flour: 1 c.
Cream: 150 g
Milk: 15 cl
Few drops of vanilla extract

Preparation method of Alsatian Tart:

Preheat your oven to 240 ° C (th.8). Roll the dough and place it in a pie pan lined.
Peel, drain and cut the apples into slices. Arrange in a circle on the bottom of pie believed.
Sprinkle raisins. Bake 15 minutes at 240 ° C (th.8). Mix in a bowl the eggs, sugar, cream, milk, flour and vanilla. After 15 minutes of cooking, pour the mixture over the apples. Continue cooking for 15 min. Serve warm.


5-6 People.

Apple pie

Ingredients of Apple Pie:

Apple pie Recipe

Pastry (puff pastry):1
Apples: 2 or 3
Eggs: 2
Flour: 50 g
Sugar 100 g
Cream: 1 small pot

Preparation Method of Apple Pie:

Roll the pastry into a mold previously buttered.
Mix in a bowl the sugar and the eggs, add the flour gradually. Finish by placing cream.
Prick the pastry with a fork to prevent it from “blister” on cooking, place over apples diced and pour preparation.
Cook, cool (or cool) and enjoy yourself.


1-2 people.

Lemon Cupcakes Touch

Ingredients of Lemon Cupcakes Touch:

Lemon Cupcakes Touch Recipe
Yeast: 15 g
Milk: 8 tablespoons
Eggs: 3
Fine corn flour cornstarch: 1 cup
Flour: 1 cup
Lemon peel: 1
Sugar: 1 cup
Sunflower oil : 1 cup
Lemon grated: 1

Preparation method of Lemon Cupcakes touch:

Fry 1 cup sunflower oil 1 lemon zest and let cool. 3 Whisk the eggs and add the yolks, 1 cup sugar, 1 lemon rind and add the reserved oil, move well. Mix 1 cup flour, 1 cup corn fine flour and cornstarch 15 grams yeast, gradually add mass until tender.
Heat oven to 180 degrees, put the molds in the tray and moisten with oil. Fill them just under half and sprinkle with sugar. The ten minutes or so and we will be ready.


3-5 People.