Smoothie for Relaxing

Ingredients of Smoothie for Relaxing:

smoothie relaxing Recipe

Pear sorbet : 3 balls

Oranges : 2

Peaches: 3

Black grapes : 50 g

Coffee orange blossom : 1 c.

Preparation of Smoothie for relaxing:

Peel the oranges and cut them into small pieces.
Cut peaches into 1 inch pieces.
Add the grapes, cut fruit sorbet pear and orange blossom in the blender.
Mix everything together and very tasty Smoothie relaxing is ready.
Serve cold chilled, it can be decorated with mint leaves.


2 people.

Fruit Smoothie

Ingredients of Fruit Smoothie:

Fruit Smoothie Recipe
Yogurt : 100 g

Passion fruit: two pulp

Bananas : 2

Fresh raspberries : 100 g

Strawberries : 6

Apple juice: 1 cup

Ice cubes : 2

Orange juice

Preparation of Fruit Smoothie:

Mix all the ingredients Yogurt, Passion fruit, Bananas, Fresh raspberries, Strawberries, Apple juice, Ice cubes until a homogeneous mixture.
If the mixture is too thick add a little amount of orange juice.
Very tasty Fruit smoothie is ready.
You may also add a few drops of honey or vanilla.


2 people.

Raspberry Smoothie

Ingredients of Raspberry Smoothie:

Raspberry Smoothie Recipe
Raspberries: 600 g

Natural yoghurt: 4 0% fat

Juice : 1 lime

Chopped mint: 1 c.

Preparation of Raspberry Smoothie:

Wash, dry and chop the mint.
Pour raspberries, yogurt, lemon juice and mint into the bowl.
Blend it and very tasty Raspberry Smoothie is ready.
Put in tall glasses and serve immediately. Can be garnished each glass with a mint leaf.


1-2 People.

Kiwi Smoothie

Ingredients of Kiwi Smoothie:

Kiwi Smoothie Recipe
kiwis: 2

Pineapple: 90 g

Banana: 1

Tropical fruit juice: 1 cup

Ice cubes: 2

Preparation of Kiwi Smoothie:

Peel the kiwis, bananas and cut them into pieces.

Pour all ingredients into blender.

Mix all until smooth.

Delicious Kiwi Smoothie is ready

Serve chilled in cocktail glasses.


1-2 People.

Mango Smoothie

Ingredients of Mango Smoothie:

Mango Smoothie Recipe

Semi-skimmed milk ice: 500 ml
Mango sorbet: 400 ml
Powdered sugar: 2 c. tablespoon
Mint: 6 sprigs

Preparation of Mango Smoothie:

Wash and dry the mint sprigs.
Put the mango sorbet, milk, and sugar in the bowl of a mixer and rotate at high speed for 10 minutes until frothy liquid.
Tasty mango smoothie is ready.
Divide into glasses and garnish with a sprig of mint.


2-3 Person

Coconut Mango smoothie

Ingredients of Mango coconut smoothie:

Mango coconut smoothie Recipe

Mango pieces: 450 g
Coconut milk for dessert: 250ml
Pineapple juice: 500 ml
Yogurt soup: 1
Zest of lime: 1/2
And a little grated coconut.
Grated coconut is used for garnishing.


Preparation of Mango coconut smoothie:

Pour all ingredients Mango pieces, Coconut milk for dessert, Zest of lime, Pineapple juice, Yogurt soup and grated coconut into a blender and blend it for 1 min.
Very tasty and yummy Mango coconut smoothie is ready.
Serve immediately in your best glasses.
May be decorated with grated coconut.


2-3 person