Chicken Chili

Ingredients of Chicken Chili:

Chicken Chili Recipe
Chicken (breast): 1 pc.

Onion (big): 1 pc.

Garlic: 3 cloves

Bread: 7 pc

Yellow peppers: 4 units.

Yellow stick: 1 tablespoon

Milk: 1 can

Egg: 3

Preparation method of Chicken Chili:

Boil the chicken breast then put on a plate.
Then Soak bread in milk and Blend on and put it in a bowl then chop the onion and sauté Papa oil dressing do you take point once fried onion and garlic throw the stick.
Then toss in the pan and shake the bread soaked with milk and a little chicken broth, expect it to take about bone boiling, salt to taste and pour the chicken and serve with boiled eggs.


3-4 People.

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