Chicken Shashilk


Ingredients of Chicken Shashilk:

Chicken Shashilk Recipe
Oil: 3tbsp
Mustard seed: 1tsp
Red chili: 1/2tsp
Salt: 1tsp
Black pepper: 1tsp
Ginger: 1/2tsp
Chicken, Capsicum, tomato and Onion: cubes cut

Ingredients of Chicken Shashilk:

Boil tomatoes into water.
Heat up oil and fry garlic and all things and make sauce to thick.
Add black pepper, salt, red chilies, ginger, mustard seed, chicken and leave for half an hour.
Now skewers the capsicum, onion, tomato and chicken cubes.
Fri them and pour tomato sauce and serve with rice.


As your material of vegetables and chicken cubes.

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