Chicken Stew

Ingredients of Chicken Stew:

Chicken Stew Recipe
Chicken: 1

Potatoes: 4

Green plantains: 2

Stalk: 1 with Tomato

Chicken stock: 1 cube

Saffron colored: 1 tablespoon

Parsley, Coriander and Salt to taste

To thicken scratch and add potato and cassava

Preparation method of Chicken Stew:

Boil the water with the chicken or the egg was appends plantain and cassava and chicken cube the chicken when you add the potatoes and other ingredients.

Serve with a salad and the chicken stew is made pulls out and makes a stew of tomatoes and green onions and garlic pepper and a cube as cooking oil and add it over the chicken and serve the stew the chicken salad with rice and stew and also a delicious juice.


2-3 People.

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