Chinese Chicken Corn Soup


Ingredients of Chinese Chicken Corn soup:

Chinese Chicken Corn Soup Recipe
Chicken Stock: 12cups
Egg: 4
Corn flour: 1/2cup
Corn: 1 cup
Chicken shredded: ½ cup
Salt: as required
Ajinomoto: 2tsp

Cooking Method of Chinese chicken Corn Soup:

Make bones of chicken and put on stove with bones, water and salt into pan.
Cook it for 2 hours, boil corn and crush them.
When meat will cook then separate stock with bones and add crushed corn into stock and cook for few minutes with chicken meat.
Add salt, ajinomto and sugar.
Mix the corn flour into water and add into stock.
When it starts to boil add beaten egg into it.
When springs will appear to soup then your soup is ready.


6 to 7 people.

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