Chinese Crab Omelet


Ingredients of Chinese Crab Omelet:

Chinese Crab Omelet Recipe
Crab meat: 50gm
Ghee: 50gm
Egg: 4
Red chili: 1/2tsp
Ajinomoto: 1/2tsp
Sugar: ½ tsp
Garlic: 4cloves
Ginger: 10gm
Green onion: 25gm

Cooking Method of Chinese Crab Omelet:

Make small pieces of crabs and cur garlic into thin slices.
Beat egg into a large bowl and mix with ginger, garlic, ajinomoto, sugar and green onion.
Fry crab meat and ajinomoto after it adds egg batter into it.
Prepare omelet on mid flame and turn the side of omelet and serve.


2 to 3.

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