Chinese Fry Fish

Ingredients of Chinese Fry Fish :

Chinese Fry Fish Recipe
Fish: ½ kg

Soya chutni: 1tbsp

Ginger: 10gm

Onion: 50gm

Dill: 1tsp

Black pepper: 1/4tsp

Garlic: 4cloves

Oil: as required

Ajenomoto: ½ tbsp

Cooking Method of Chinese Fry Fish:

Cut the fish as you like also cut ginger, garlic and onion into thin slices.
Blend the ginger, garlic, onion, sugar and oil into blender except fish.
Now coat the spice batter on the fish and lay aside for 2 hours.
Take oil in a fry pan for frying now add fish pieces into hot oil and fry to brown color.
Now serve with fresh salad.


5 people.