Christmas Marquesas

Ingredients of Christmas Marquesas:

Christmas Marquesas Recipe
Yeast: 5 g
Eggs: 2
Fine flour: 20g
Pastry flour: 20 g
Lemon Essence: 1 tablespoon
Icing sugar: 3 tablespoons
Sugar: 125 grams
Raw almonds: 125 grams

Preparation method of Christmas Marquesas:

Preheat oven to 180 c. We put in the glass of the Thermos mix, 125 grams raw almonds in speed 5-10. Put in the glass, and pulverize 60 grams sugar 10 seconds / level 10.
Add 1 tablespoon lemon oil, 125 grams raw almonds we had booked, cake flour 20 grams, 20 grams of corn flour fine cornstarch, 5 grams yeast and mix 5 seconds / level 10.
Put butterfly in the blades and put 2 eggs, 65 grams sugar and schedule 3 min at 37 C.
Split the mixture in capsules paper halfway and put it in the oven to 180 ° for 10 minutes. That depends on the power of the oven.
When you throw 3 tablespoons icing sugar. Let cool and be ready to serve.


6 People.

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