Coconut Mango smoothie

Ingredients of Mango coconut smoothie:

Mango coconut smoothie Recipe

Mango pieces: 450 g
Coconut milk for dessert: 250ml
Pineapple juice: 500 ml
Yogurt soup: 1
Zest of lime: 1/2
And a little grated coconut.
Grated coconut is used for garnishing.


Preparation of Mango coconut smoothie:

Pour all ingredients Mango pieces, Coconut milk for dessert, Zest of lime, Pineapple juice, Yogurt soup and grated coconut into a blender and blend it for 1 min.
Very tasty and yummy Mango coconut smoothie is ready.
Serve immediately in your best glasses.
May be decorated with grated coconut.


2-3 person

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