Cumin Curry Chicken Skewers

Cumin Curry Chicken Skewers on barbecue are a really spicy and tasty food. it has a great taste texture.

Ingredients of Cumin Curry Chicken Skewers:

Cumin curry chicken skewers Recipe
Skewers: 4
Chicken breast: 2
Lemons: 2
Cherry tomatoes: 4
Red pepper : 1/2
tablespoon of curry: ½
Olive oil: 5 tbsp
Salt and pepper: 1/2

Cooking Method of Cumin Curry Chicken Skewers:

First of all cut the chicken breasts into cubes and places each piece in a flat box with lid.
Sprinkle chicken with lemon juice. Add olive oil and spices. Salt and pepper.
Mix well and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.
Occasionally stir the box for all the pieces properly marinate in the mixture made from lemon.
Make then inserting the skewers chicken, cherry tomatoes, and pieces of remaining lemon and diced peppers.
Cook gently then enjoy a barbecue at home.


4-5 People.

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