Homemade Cake with Cream

Ingredients of Homemade Cake with Cream:

Homemade Cake with Cream Recipe
Egg yolks: 4
Cream: 125 ml
Butter: 30 g
Lemon grated: 1
Yeast: 1
Pastry flour: 373 g
Flour: 30 g
Egg whites: 4
Sugar: 250 g
Sunflowers Oil : 125 ml

Preparation method of Homemade Cake with Cream:

1st in a bowl beat 4 egg whites, they are until stiff add 250 grams sugar, 4 egg yolks, 125 ml cream, 125 ml sunflower oil, 1 grated lemon, then sift 373 grams cake flour with 1 Yeast and add to the mixture.
2 ° anoint the mold with 30 grams and 30 grams Butter Flour, pouring the mixture into it.
3rd bake at 170 degrees about 40 minutes. With a rod punctured it, if it comes out clean it out of the oven, if you bake sale spotted a few more minutes. And you’re ready to enjoy


4-5 People.

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