Homemade Chocolate Cream Brule

Ingredients Homemade Chocolate Cream Brule:

Homemade chocolate crème Brule Recipe
Dark chocolate (64% cocoa): 100 g

Cream (30% fat): 500 ml

Eggs : 4

Granulated sugar: 20 g

Preparing homemade chocolate cream Brule:

Preheat oven to 120 ° C (gas mark 4).
Crush the chocolate, place in a saucepan. Pour the cream and let it melt over low heat.
Place the eggs yolks in a bowl, beat and mix gradually while mixing the contents of the pan.
Spoon into ramekins and bake low height in a water bath 20 minutes (until the cream no longer trembles when one moves).
Allow to cool and place in the fridge.
Very tasty Homemade chocolate cream Brule is ready.
Just before serving, sprinkle the surface of the cream granulated sugar and caramelize with a torch (or under the broiler).


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