Hot and Sour Soup

Everyone is looking for Hot and Sour Soup in winter. So here is a recipe of hot and sour soup with chicken, carrots and cabbage.

Ingredients of Hot and Sour Soup:

Hot and Sour Soup Recipe
Chicken boneless (chopped): 300 gm
Chicken stock : 1 liter
Corn flour : 6 tbsp
Egg whites : 3
Soy sauce : 4 tbsp
Black pepper powdered : ½ tbsp
Tomato paste : 2 tbsp
Carrot chopped : 2 cup
Cabbage shredded : 2 cup
Fresh lime juice: 5 tbsp
Red chili powdered : 1 tbsp
Salt According to taste.

Cooking directions of Hot and Sour Soup:

Boil the chicken stock and water in a large pan.
Put tomato paste and add salt and black pepper according to taste and then let it cook for 5 mins.
Add chicken, chili powder and soy sauce to the stock and let it gently boil on medium heat for about 10 minutes.
Add cabbage and carrots and let them cook for another 2 minutes in the stock.
Make corn flour paste and add it to the mixture to make it thick. Pour the mixture while stirring the soup gently.
Beat 3 egg whites well and add them to the soup and then add some lime/lemon juice to it.
Garnish the soup with chili sauce and green chilies in vinegar. The hot and sour soup is ready for serving.


4 to 6 People

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