Hot Wings

Ingredients of Hot Wings:

Hot Wings Recipe

Chicken wings: 20

For the sauce:

V8 juice: 280 ml

Lemons for juice: 10

chicken bouillon cubes: 4

Jalapeno: 1 mark

Preparation method of Hot Wings:

Pour into the blender all the sauce ingredients and get ready to mash together with the wings, they are well covered for 1 hour, then charcoal grilled or baked can go for a day nick pick as input are special (sandwich)

This recipe serves also spreads the whole chicken for roasting, and both like chicken wings can go smearing with the same sauce helped a special brush that turned every brushstroke give the sauce. They are scrumptious. They will not regret it and your guests will be delighted!
It is my family’s secret recipe (do not tell anyone)


3-4 People

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