Juicy Chicken

Ingredients of Juicy Chicken:

Juicy Chicken Recipe
Chicken: 1kg
Carrot: 50 gm
Tomato sauce: ½ cup
Oil: as required
Ajenomoto: 1pinch
Black pepper: 1/4tsp
Corn flour: 2tbsp
Pineapple juice: 3cup
Green onion: 50gm
Sugar: 2tbsp

Cooking Method of Juicy Chicken:

Cut the chicken and green onion into small pieces. Mash the carrot.
Heat up oil into a pan and add ajenomoto and chicken bites, fry, and put into a plate.
Take a separate pan and 1tbsp oil to heat up.
Now add mixed corn flour, sugar, tomato sauce, black pepper and ajenomoto.
After 3 minutes adds chicken bites and pineapple juice into it.
And cook for 10 minutes.


7 to 8 people.

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