Nougat cake

Ingredients of Nougat cake:

Nougat cake Recipe
Nougat: 300g
Cream: 500 ml
Milk: 1 cup
Curds: 80 grams
Sugar: 6 tablespoons
Water: 5 tablespoons

Preparation method of Nougat cake:

First 1 mold, 5 tablespoons water, 6 tablespoons sugar and set aside. Meanwhile, crumble 300g Nougat j well, almost gone. After that, put in a saucepan to heat 500 milliliters Cream, Nougat 300g crumbled in cream, to undo it and all this at medium-low heat while the 80 grams rid curds into 1 cup milk. When 300 grams nougat this waste, add 80 grams Curds, and endlessly undone and stir over low heat with a wooden spoon until the first and at this point boils remove from heat and pour into caramelized mold that booked. Hope this a little warm and we put it in the fridge to curdle completely. When this is removed and garnish to taste.


4-6 People.

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