Prawn Crackers

Ingredients of Prawn crackers:

Prawn Crackers Recipe
Shrimp: 200 g

Potato flour: 200 g

Salt and pepper


Preparation method of Prawn crackers:

Chips for shrimp
Boil a small amount of water with salt and pepper. Put the flour potatoes in a dish and pour water on it. Mix and then add the chopped shrimp.
Form a roll and have it steam for about 45 minutes.
When the sausage is cooked, let it rest for a day in the open air.
Then cut thin slices and let them sit another day.
Heat oil in a pan deep enough then drop it a few slices of potato chips. Let them brown a few minutes then drain them and place them on absorbent paper.
Let cool a few minutes then enjoy.


2-3 people.

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