Rooly Poly Fish

Ingredients of Rooly Poly Fish:

Rooly Poly Fish Recipe
Fish: 4pound
Ginger: 3 slice
Salt: 2 1/2tsp
Mushrooms: 4
Sugar: 4tsp
Onion: 3
Soya sauce: 4tbsp
Red chili powder: 2
Vinegar: 2tbsp
Chinese winter pickle: 2tbsp

Cooking Method of Rooly Poly Fish:

Coat salt on the fish and leave for one hour. Fill the fish with pickle and mushroom.
Cut the onion and salads into thin slices and spread on the fish.
Now mix the vinegar, Stock and soya sauce and sprinkle on fish and salads.
Now place the dish into steamer and leave for 25 minutes into steam.
Now our dish is ready.


4 to 5 people.

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