Russian Salad

Ingredients of Chicken Russian Salad :

Russian Salad Recipe
Cooked Chicken Breast : 1

Cooked Diced Potato : 1/2 kg

Cooked Carrot diced : 1/2 kg

Cooked peas: 1 cup

Mustard: 2 tablespoons

Mayonnaise: 2 cups

Media cream: 1 can

Salt to taste

Red Bell Pepper: 1 small can

Preparation method of Chicken Russian Salad :

They stir the potatoes, carrots, peas and breast. A mixture is made with mayonnaise, half cream, mustard and salt.

The mixture is added to the mixture of chicken. Put on a baking dish and garnish with red pepper. Refrigerate a little, and is ready to serve.


2-3 People.

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