Sour Soup


Ingredients of Sour Soup:

Sour Soup Recipe
Chicken stock: 10cup
Cabbage: 150gm
Corn flour: 1/2cup
Salt: 1/2tbsp
Peas: 50gm
Carrot: 150gm
Black pepper; as required
Green chilies: 2
Sugar: 2tbsp
Egg: 1
Ajinomoto: 2tbsp
Tomato sauce: 1/4cup
Vinegar: 1/4cup

Cooking Method of Sour Soup:

Grate the carrots and cabbage and cut the green chilies into long cut.
Take all ingredients except egg and corn flour mix well and put on stove for 30 minutes on low flame.
Add corn flour into the all ingredients until it will thicken.
Now add egg white into it and cook for 2 minutes and serve.


5 to 6.

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