Strawberry Clouds

Ingredients of Strawberry Clouds:

Strawberry Clouds Recipe
Strawberry Nesquick: 130 g

Neutral Gelatin: 20 g

Strawberry powder Gelatin: 100 g

Sugar: 300 grams

Water: 200 ml

Preparation method of Strawberry Clouds:

Put in the glass of the Therm mix neutral gelatin 20 grams, 200 ml water, 300 grams sugar
5 min at 100 c. Add 100 grams of strawberry gelatin powder and mix 10 seconds. Immediately programmed 5 min at 100 c. Let stand two hours in the glass.
Put the preparation in the chosen mold, before you’ve put tracing paper to remove it right after. Let stand 12 hours at room temperature. After this time we put 30 grams of strawberry Nesquick on the desk and took off the parchment. Cut to strips with a sharp knife and give it the desired shape.


3-4 People.

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