Stuff Duck

Ingredients of Stuff Duck:

Stuff Duck Recipe
Duck: 1
Soya sauce: 1/2 cup
Stock: ½ cup
Black pepper: 1/2tbsp
Ajenomoto: 1/2tbsp
Mashroms: 4
Sangarhe: 6
Rice: 100gm
Oil: 125gm
Ginger: 10gm
Sugar: ¼ tbsp

Cooking Method of Stuff Duck:

Boil the rice and lay aside. Heat the oil and add boiled rice, ajenomoto, soya sauce, sugar, black pepper, and ginger into it.
After 2 minute crushed Singapore in it after a few minutes turn off the flame.
Now fill rice mixture into the duck. And put duck into a deep pan for 2 hours.
Now serve hot duck.


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