The Passion of Cooking

Each culture is unique and has their own cuisine; each cook is a master chef in their village, city or nation. Fortunately through social media we have become opened to different palates. We have here better cooks and better entertainers. The recipes are endless; they are under your finger tips, from Europe, Mediterranean, Asian etc. The best part is that we can venture out of our own flavors and introduce new ones to our family and friends.

In today’s lifestyle more and more people are having food allergies, diabetes etc and one of the greatest tools of our website is all the information about the ingredients, their nutrition values and the meal as a whole.

Cooking gives me joy and happiness, I love to see the expressions on people’s face when tasting the food. My passion for cooking began at a very young age; I would follow my mother in the kitchen from everyday cooking to baking bread. I loved to have hands on in everything. I was always curious about different tastes; I developed a sense of smell for spices. Going to a spice market was better than going to a toy store. The fragrance was breath taking. Cooking makes your mind free, relaxes you, it gives you a sense of freedom.Keep in mind that professional chefs do it because they have this artistic side in them. The chef is the painter and the plate it’s his canvas.

Modern technology brought us closer to the tastes of the world, now we are able to experience foods from all corner of the globe, which before it was harder; chefs were more concentrated in their native culinary flavors, and now the world as one expanded a universal taste.

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