Veggie Burger

Ingredients of Veggie Burger:

Veggie Burger Recipe
vegetable oil : 15ml

Sliced mushrooms : 250gm

Shredded carrots : 250gm

Chopped onion : 3/4cup

Chopped cucumber¨3/4cup

Red kidney beans : 1can

Brown rice : 1cup

Soy sauce: 30ml

Chopped garlic: 1tbsp

Black pepper: 1/8tsp

Cilantro: 1/2cup

Bun : 3

Preparation Method of Veggie Burger:

Heat 1 tbsp. teaspoon (5ml) of oil in a large nonstick skillet. Cook mushrooms, carrots, onions and cucumber over medium-high heat 5 minutes or until vegetables are tender.

Transfer the vegetables in the bowl of a food processor. Add beans, rice, soy sauce, garlic, pepper and coriander. Mix approximately 20 seconds or until ingredients are well incorporated. Divided into eight servings of 1/2
cup (125ml). Shape into patties between sheets of waxed paper. Refrigerate at least 1 hour or until firm texture.

Heat 2 tbsp. cup (10ml) of oil remaining in the same skillet over
medium-high. Fry patties 3 to 4 minutes on each side or until golden brown. Serve on buns.


2-3 People.

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