XXL Pizza

XXL Pizza Recipe is a healthy and tasty recipe.

Ingredients of XXL Pizza:

XXL Pizza Recipe
Pizza dough: 500gm

For the filling:

Grated cheese : 200gm
Small tomatoes: 3
Black olives: 4
Thyme: 4tbsp dried

For the sauce:

Olive oil: 2tbsp
Onions: 1
Tomato paste: 4tbsp
Tomato pulp: 3tbsp
Oregano: 1tsp
Pepper: 1tsp

Preparation Method of XXL Pizza:

Prepare the tomato sauce: peel the onions, chop them and fry in olive oil over medium heat. Once they are translucent, add the tomato paste, tomato pulp with juice, oregano and bay leaf. Mix. Reduce heat and simmer 35 minutes, stirring occasionally. Salt and pepper at the end. Let cool a little sauce off the heat and remove the bay leaf. Turn the oven thermostat 210 ° C. Remove tray from oven and place a sheet of parchment paper over. Cut the ham into strips and sliced tomatoes. Spread over pizza dough. Spread the tomato sauce on the dough to 1 cm from the edge. Sliced the tomatoes. Sprinkle with grated cheese have well drained and olives. Sprinkle thyme together.
Salt and pepper only, anchovies already are. Bake the pizza for about 15 minutes and serve immediately.

Finally you can customize your pizza topping quarters of the dough according to individual tastes. Serve this pizza with a nice salad, seasoned green oil.


2-3 People.

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