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Each culture is unique and has their own cuisine; each cook is a master chef in their village, city or nation. Fortunately through social media we have become opened to different palates. We have here better cooks and better entertainers. The recipes are endless; they are under your finger tips, from Europe, Mediterranean, Asian etc. The best part is that we can venture out of our … [Read More...]

Featured Recipe

Yakhni Pulao in Daig

This special desi rice dish has a traditional taste. Degi Pulao is very much popular amongst Pakistani people, it is highly demanding during weddings and other festivities. Ingredients of Yakhni Pulao: Meat ½ kg Rice 1 kg Black cardamom 2 Onion 2 Green chilies 6 Ginger 1 piece Mint leaves 1 bunch Green cardamom … [Read More...]

Veal fillet studded juice

Ingredients of Veal fillet studded juice: Fillet of veal (1 kg about 200): 1 Ham: 2 thick slices Celery: 2 stalk Oil: 4 tbsp. Coarse salt Peppercorns Preparation method of Veal fillet studded juice: Nick veal tenderloin in thickness with a long-bladed knife fine. Cut the ham into strips and press them into the cuts … [Read More...]

Best of Chicken

White Fewing Chicken

  Ingredients of White Fewing Chicken: Chicken: 1/2kg Cabbage: 100gm Black pepper: … [Read More...]

Silver Chicken

  Ingredients of Silver Chicken: Chicken: 1 Green onion: 1 White Vinegar: … [Read More...]

Cut Chicken

Ingredients of Cut Chicken: Chicken: 250gm Green onion: 1 Cooking Method of Cut … [Read More...]

Chicken Curry

  Ingredients of Chicken Curry: Chicken: 3pound Curry powder: 2tbsp Onion: 1 Ghee: … [Read More...]

Chicken Piece and Green Peas

  Ingredients of Chicken Piece and Green peas: Chicken Breast: 1 Ghee: 2tbsp Frozen Peas: … [Read More...]

Chinese Chargha

Ingredients of Chinese Chargha: Chicken: 4 pound Gun powder Sauce: 1cup Cooking Method of … [Read More...]

Desserts, Soups, Salads & Milkshakes

Strawberries and Mascarpone Tart

Ingredients of Strawberries and Mascarpone Tart: Strawberries: 500 g Mascarpone: 250 g Icing sugar: 50 g Vanilla powder: 1 c. tablespoon Redcurrant jelly: 50 g Lemon: 1/2 For the … [Read More...]

Fruit Sweet

  Ingredients of fruit Sweet: Milk: 1/2liter Sugar: 3/4cup Sew: 1/2cup Corn flour: 1tbsp Cardamom: 3 Mix fruit: 1cup Dry fruit: /4 cup Ghee: 1tbsp Cooking Method of Fruit Sweet: Boil … [Read More...]

Lachedar Barfi of Delhi

  Ingredients of Lachedar Barfi of Delhi: Khoya: 250gm Sugar: 125gm Sweet Petha: 250gm Green color: a few drops Kewera essence: a few drops Silver page: as required Preparation Method … [Read More...]

Polish Borscht

Ingredients of Polish Borscht: Beef in the collar: 500 g Bacon: 100 g Cabbage: 500 g Beetroot: 500 g Celeriac: 1 quart Onion (big): 1 Leek (small): 1 Chopped parsley: 1 c. soup Wine … [Read More...]

Cheese Bread Pudding

Ingredients of Cheese Bread Pudding: Bread slices: 10 Ghee: as required Milk: 1liter Khoya: 1cup Corn flour: 1tbsp Sugar: 1/2cup Cheese: 1kg Pistachio: 1/2cup Sugar: 1cup Water: … [Read More...]