Yakhni Pulao in Daig

This special desi rice dish has a traditional taste. Degi Pulao is very much popular amongst Pakistani people, it is highly demanding during weddings and other festivities.

Ingredients of Yakhni Pulao:

Best Yakhni rice Recipe
Meat ½ kg
Rice 1 kg
Black cardamom 2
Onion 2
Green chilies 6
Ginger 1 piece
Mint leaves 1 bunch
Green cardamom 4
Garlic 6 cloves
Yogurt 1 cup
Oil ½ cup
All spice powder 1 tsp
Black cumin seeds 1 tsp
Whole coriander 1 tbsp
Fennel seeds 1 tbsp

Cooking method of Degi Yakhni Pulao:

Boil Meat with cloves of garlic, piece ginger, whole coriander, fennel seeds, black cumin seeds and 4 glass of water. Cook untill meat is tender. Now separate meat from stock Then Soak 1 kg Rice. In pan heat oil, add 2 chopped Onion, Black cardamom and green cardamom. Now add boiled meat with yogurt and fry well. Add stock, green chilies with soaked rice. Cook well, spread mint leaves and other spice powder. Lastly add kewra water and serve hot.


As per requirement.

Beef Rice with Spices and Caramel

Ingredients of Beef rice with spices and caramel:

Beef rice with spice Recipe

For the rice:

White rice: 400 g
Peanut oil: 1 c. tablespoons
Powdered saffron: 1 dose
Star anise: 1
Cloves: 2

For meat:

Beef fillet: 1 kg
Oil: 3 c. tablespoons
Coffee paprika: 1/2 c.
Cumin: 1/2 c.
Coffee turmeric: 1/2 c.
Liquid honey: 15 cl
Soy sauce: 1 c. tablespoons
Salt and pepper

Preparation of Beef rice with spices and caramel:

Prepare the rice: Heat the oil in a skillet. Add 3/4 of the rice and stir until translucent. Cover with water flower; add saffron, star anise and cloves.
Cook over medium heat until the liquid is completely absorbed. Meanwhile, cook the remaining rice in boiling salted water. Drain.
Mix the two rice and keep warm.
Cut the meat into cubes.
Heat the oil in a pan. When it is hot, fry the meat until well browned. Salt and pepper. Remove them from the pan.
Take all the spices in hot oil and mix.
Then pour honey and soy sauce. Heat over low heat until the first stirrings. Then turn meat and mix well to coat with sauce.
Cook for 5 min.
Pour the rice into a dish, dig a large well in the center and pour in the meat.
Serve immediately.


4-5 people

Thai Pulao


Ingredients of Thai Pulao:

Thai Pulao Recipe
Small chicken pieces: a few
Rice: ½ kg
Eggs: 2
Couliflaur: a few
Green onion: 4
Oil: 250gm
Carrot: 2
Salt: as required

Cooking Method of Thai Pulao:

Boil rice, vegetables and chicken pieces separately.
Heat up oil adds boiled vegetables, onion, chicken and green chilies into it.
After a few minutes add eggs and run the spoon fast.
Now spread rice on the fried vegetables and cook for 10 minutes on slow flame.
Serve hot.


7 to 8.

Green Fried Rice


Ingredients of Green Fried Rice:

Green Fried Rice Recipe
Peas: 1tbsp
Butter: 1tbsp
Oil: 4tbsp
Stock: 2tbsp
Egg: 4
Mushrooms: 4
Boiled rice: 3cup
Soya sauce: 1tbsp
Onion: 2tbsp

Cooking Method of Green Fried Rice:

Take a pan and add stock, peas, butter, soya sauce and mushrooms.
Beat the eggs for 10 minutes and add salt.
Now fry onion into a pan and spread egg batter into it.
Add rice into it and sprinkle salt on it now adds mushrooms and peas in it.
Mix all of them and serve.


7 to 8 people.

Crab Meat and Rice

Ingredients of Crab meat and Rice:

Crab Meat and Rice Recipe
Oil: 1tbsp
Egg: 2
Crab: 250gm
Rice: 2cup
Green onion: 1
Peas: 10
Onion: ½
Sauce Ingredients:
Salt, Sugar: 1/2tsp
Corn flour: 2/3 tsp
Water: 1/3cup

Cooking Method of Crab Meat with Rice:

Heat up rice 1tbsp oil and fry rice for 10 minutes.
Add eggs and fry for 2 minutes.
Now take separate pan and fry crab and peas for 2 minutes add sauce ingredients and add rice into it.
Now serve.


4 to 5.

Chinese Boiled Rice


Ingredients of Chinese Boiled Rice:

Chinese Boiled Rice Recipe
Rice: 250gm

Lemon: a few drops

Water: ½ liter

Cooking Method of Chinese Boiled Rice:

Dip rice into water for half an hour.
Put rice with water for boiling.
When rice will soft add lemon drops salt and cook on very low flame for 5 minutes and serve.


4 to 5.

Rice and Chicken vegetables

Ingredients of Rice and Chicken Vegetables:

Rice and Chicken vegetables Recipe
Rice: 125gm
Chicken Stock: 8cup
Corn Flour: 2tbsp
Parsley: a few leaves
Green chilies: 3
Peas: ¼ cup
Carrot: 25gm
Black pepper: 1/2tsp
Ajinomoto: 1/4tsp
Onion: 50gm

Cooking Method of Rice and Chicken Vegetables:

Cut green chilies, onion and carrot.
Put half liter water on stove for boiling and add all ingredients in it.
Cook on low flame.
When soup will thick then serves with parsley.


5 to 6.

Tomato Rice

Tomato Rice is a very delicious and traditional type recipe. Tomatoes use into recipes enhances its taste.

Ingredients of Tomato Rice:

Tomato Rice Recipe
Tomatoes: 2 large(in puree form)
Water : 2 cup
Basmati rice : 1 cup
Red chili powder: 1tsp
Black cardamom: 1
Salt to taste
Garam masala: 1 tsp (powder form)
Ghee : 1 tbsp

Cooking Method of Tomato Rice:

Heat up ghee in a heavy bottom pan.
Put in the whole black cardamom and then the tomato puree.
Now add the dry spices, salt and cook.
Put in the rice and mix well.
In the end add the water and cook covered till done.
Garnish your dish and serve.


2-3 People.

Fry Rice

Ingredients of Fry Rice:

Fry Rice Recipe
Rice: 3cup
Prawn: 1/4cup
Oil: 2tbsp
Bamboo shot: 1
Onion: 1
Salt: 1/2tsp
Soya sauce: 1tsp
Egg: 2

Cooking Method of Fry rice:

Heat up oil and fry onion until will brown now add prawns and bamboo shot in it.
Now add rice and cook until brown and add eggs, soya sauce and salt.
Now serve.


6 to 7 people.

Chinese Pulao

Ingredients of Chinese Pulao:

Chinese Pulao Recipe
Meat: ½ pound

Rice: 2pound

Soya sauce: 2tbsp

Stock: 5cup

Black pepper: 20

Vegetable oil: 3tbsp

Onion: 3

Ginger: as required

Cooking Method of Chinese Pulao:

Fry the meat into pan fry onion into it and add stock into it.
Now add soya sauce, ginger and black pepper. After 1 minute add rice for boiling. When the stock will consume into it then cover for 3 minutes.


5 people.