Cheese Bread Pudding

Ingredients of Cheese Bread Pudding:

Cheese Bread Pudding Recipe
Bread slices: 10
Ghee: as required
Milk: 1liter
Khoya: 1cup
Corn flour: 1tbsp
Sugar: 1/2cup
Cheese: 1kg
Pistachio: 1/2cup
Sugar: 1cup
Water: 1/2cup
Cardamom powder: 1/2tsp

Cooking method of Cheese Bread Pudding:

Fry bread into hot oil.
Boil milk and add khoya and sugar into it.
Add corn flour and pistachio in it.
Dish out slices and cook Cheese into sugar syrup.
Spread mixture on slices.
Add pistachio on it and refrigerate it.


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