Mix Vegetable Delux

Ingredients of Mix Vegetable Delux:

Mix Vegetable Delux Recipe
Potato: 40gm
Couliflour: 250gm
French bean: 50gm
Carrot: 230gm
Sugar: 1/2tsp
Ajinomoto: 1/2tsp
Salt: 1tsp
Soya sauce: 1tsp
Water: 3cup
Black pepper: 1pinch
Sesame oil: 1tsp
Corn flour: 1tbsp
Water: 1/2tbsp

Cooking Method of Mix Vegetable Deluxe:

Heat up 2 tbsp oil and fry all vegetables.
Add potatoes to sesame oil ingredients into it by following the above list.
When boil then add corn flour and water and leave on low heat for a few minutes and serve hot.


7 to 8 people easily.

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