Parmentier Cauliflower

Ingredients of Parmentier Cauliflower:

Parmentier Cauliflower Recipe
Ground beef 5% MG: 600 g
Cloves of garlic: 2
Cauliflower: 1
Potato: 400 g
Milk: 5 cl
Light cream 3 or 5% fat: 10 cl
Herbs: tarragon and herbs

Preparation method of Parmentier Cauliflower:

In a nonstick skillet, cook the ground beef with the garlic cloves.
Sprinkle with herbs. Cook for 10 min.
Peel the potatoes and cut the cauliflower. Put to cook in boiling water for 10 min. Drain and mash into a puree. Pour the hot milk and cream.
Pepper. Place the meat in a greased baking dish, cover with mashed potatoes. Place in a hot oven for a few minutes then go slightly under the grill. Serve.


2-3 people.

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