Pear Tart and Chocolate

Ingredients of Pear Tart and Chocolate:

Pear Tart and Chocolate Recipe
Pastry: 1
Pears: 4
Dark chocolate 64% of MG: 80 g
Eggs: 3
Cream lightened with 3% fat: 10 cl
Sweetener: 2 g

Preparation method of Pear Tart and Chocolate:

Preheat oven th6 (180 °)
Chop the chocolate.
Spread the batter into a greased parchment paper. Prick with a fork.
In a saucepan, melt the chocolate chips in a background of semi-skimmed milk. Then add 5 cl of fresh cream and mix. Pour the mixture over the dough.
Peel the pears and cut them into 2 lengthwise. Remove cores.
Arrange the pear halves in the chocolate mixture.
In a bowl, beat the eggs, sweetener and remaining 5 cl of cream. Pour over pie.
8Bake 30 minutes watching the end.
Serve warm or cold.


1-2 people.

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