Spring Rolls


Ingredients of Spring Rolls:

Spring Rolls Recipe
Cabbage: 2 cup
Prawn: 250gm
Mince: 250gm
Oil: 3tbsp
Soya Sauce: 2tbsp
Chicken stock: 2tbsp
Corn flour: 2tbsp
Plain flour Rolls: 20
Oil: 4cup
Sugar: 1tsp

Preparation Method of Spring Rolls:

Take 1tbsp oil into pan and fry cabbage and onion for 3 minutes.
Fry mince and prawn into 3tbsp oil for 5 minutes.
Now add sugar, stock, salt, soya sauce, onion and cabbage into it.
Make roll of plain flour dough and roll it with vegetables batter.
Seal the edges of rolls with paste of flour.
Now fry the rolls into hot oil and serve with sauce.


10 to 15.

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